About Us

The firm Pytloun

The firm Pytloun acts on the market since 2003, when it started providing lodging for workers in one accommodation unit. During five years, the firm grew into one of the largest accommodation providers in Liberec.

Our main goal is to provide the possible accommodation for a price that is lower than the price offered by the competition. In order to reach our goal, we carefully select our suppliers, we lower the cost where possible, and we effectively save in a way that the customer remains unaffected. The furnishing and style of the rooms are carefffuly selected with emphasis on customer´s needs. The firm is in cooperation with various specialists ranging from architects to interior designers, who help us to achieve our customers´ satisfaction.

Currently, we are active only in Liberec; however, our plan is to expand to other larger cities in the Czech Republic and to keep providing quality services in accommodation and gastronomy. Our young management is a group of young people sharing the same goal, which is to exploit a success of our firm and to constantly improve services that we offer.

Ing. Lukáš Pytloun